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Various Ways to Setup Login/Signup Form

  • In Modal Popup
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  • Login Bar On Click
  • Standard In Page
  • Use in OffCanvas Widget
  • Use in Tabs/Tours Widget
  • Use in Switcher Widget

Panel for Logged in Users

  • User Profile Image
  • Dropdown menu
  • Logout Link Option
  • Edit Profile Link Option

Special Forgot Password Options

  • As a toggle at the same location
  • Separate Custom Page
  • Custom URL to set in Password Reset Email

Signup Form Options

  • Password Field or Password on Email
  • Mailchimp Subscription Checkbox
  • Accept Terms & Condition Checkbox
  • Social Login with Facebook
  • Social Login with Google
  • Select Member Register Role from Form

  • Easy Customization
  • Lifetime Free Updates
  • Browser Compatibility

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